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Born on March 29, 1864, in Oswego, New York, Berriman and his brother Matthew ran one of the largest cigar manufacturing businesses in the United States with facilities in Chicago, New York and Tampa. The company produced such popular brands as Don Cosme, Jose Viola and Marc Anthony.


Berriman was an avid yachtsman and Commodore of the Lincoln Park Yacht Club. He was proud that he established international yacht racing on the Great Lakes. States. Berriman and his brother were the initial owners of Vencedor.

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Gillig was the second owner of Vencedor and as the former Commodore of the Larchmont Yacht Club, he brought the big mahogany yacht East.


Born in 1859, Gillig was Harvard-educated and the ultimate clubman. At Harvard, he was a member of the Hasting Pudding Club and in later years he was a member of the Larchmont Yacht Club, the Bohemian Club in San Francisco, and the Lambs Club in New York City.


Having made his fortune in Los Angeles real estate, he enjoyed the good life. But what turned his life upside down was his marriage to the eccentric and wild Aimee Crocker. Gillig was Aimee's second husband and while she was courting a third (not her last) she had her arms tattooed. It was said that their acrimonious divorce led to his early death on March 13, 1909, at age 50.

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Vencedor's third owner was a partner in the Chicago law firm of Conklin, Price and Webb. Commodore Price was a member of both the Chicago and Columbia Yacht Clubs.

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Vencedor's fourth and final owner was called by the Chicago Tribune "one of the best known yachtsmen west of the seaboard." Trammel was an executive with the Aetna Insurance Company and in 1908 was elected Commodore of the Chicago Athletic Association. He was also a member of the Chicago and Columbia Yacht Clubs, the South Shore Country Club and the Midlothian Golf Club.

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